Before the turn of the 19th to 20th century our house existed as a cafe-restaurant „Zur Goldspinnerin“. Here, predominantely civil audience visited, but in addition, we had known personalities such as Johannes Brahms or Ludwig van Beethoven among our guests.

In the year of 1908, after a subsequent reform, then name got changed to „Goldene Spinne“ It's current iconic look the hotel received after a bomb hit the facade in the Second World War. Over the years our core audience has changed. Before the First World War we predominantly housed shift-workers from close-by factories. Afterwards the hotel moved to become a place where courtesans would meet with their clients. The visitors came particularly from the area of "Seilerstätte". This very active time ended in the middle of the 70ties with changes in the city centre. The construction of pedestrian areas, shopping streets and restaurants also for the taste of the upper class led to changes of red-light district in the area of "Kohlmarkt", "Kärtnerstraße" and "Seilerstätte".